As I made the series, I began to realize the meaning each individual image means to me. I never really thought about the significance of the reoccurring animals in my dreams until this project. At first this project was about living in harmony with nature, however, I have come to realize that the animals I was drawn to are those that hold great meaning. Each respective animal holds their own memory. Memories that I tend to want to forget. However, their presence in this dream-like context represents how these memories will always live on in my mind and take over my imagination and countless daydreams. The fact that the girl in the image is reaching out to the animals, sitting with them, and just generally being peaceful with their presence portrays the state of being okay with the negative memories and learning to accept them and cherish them for what they have made me. I want to live in harmony with the memories that I feel like are always holding me back and this project is a manifestation of what I want to be: in peace with my wild animals.